Conceptual Themes of the IFB Project

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Information Theory
Information Theory: The mathemtical theory of information applied to biological systems at every level from genetics up to the Gaia hypothesis of global ecological stability.
molecule Functional Information in Molecular Biology: Many applications of functional information concept can be found in molecular biology, from information storage in nucleic acids, translation and control in genetic networks and transcription machinery and the molecular-scale structuring of cellular components, itself storing and processing information. (Image credit: The crystal structure of an RNA molecule bound to a protein. Proteins are essential for many cellular functions in living organisms, and the assumed complexity behind their evolution has long puzzled scientists.

Image: Signalling molecule. John Nelson
Deep Theory A deeper understanding of Information: From the philosophy of information and function, we derive a deeper understanding of functional information and 'meaning' as it applies to biological systems.

Image (COBE Background Radiation, NASA)
Thermodynamic Interpretations Thermodynamic Interpretations: Here we consider the thermodynamic interpretaton of information dynamics and of course include considerations of entropy and its multiple meanings.

Image Credit: NASA (Star formation )
Biocomplexity Biocomplexity: Here we consider the implications of complexity and its emergent phenomenal for life and the way it functions.

Image: 'early life 1' by John Nelson & Keith Farnsworth
Origins of Life Origins of Life: What light do these concepts and discoveries shed on the origin of life?

Image Credit: NASA
Biological Diversity Diversity: We deal with life at all scales, from molecules to the global ecosystem. A key feature of this is the diversity of living forms and functions and the role they play in generating emergent functions at each higher level of organisation.

Image Credit Unknown: source
Synthesis of ideas Synthesis : Putting it all together to form a new synthesis for biology, based on an information interpretation of life.

Image: 'early life 2' by John Nelson & Keith Farnsworth