Who We Are: Weblinks to the Network Members & Associates*

Dr Keith Farnsworth* 

Network Co-ordinator.
Active in biodiversity and theoretical ecology and developing a theory of what life is.

Dr Thomas D Schneider

Molecular Biologist. Active in molecular information theory.

Dr Carlos Gershenson

Computer Scientist. Active in complexity theory.

Prof Luciano Floridi

Philosopher of Information.

Dr Larissa Albantakis

Neurobilogist, network scientist and complexity theorist. Active in the science of consciousness.

Prof Christoph Adami

Active in molecular information and biological complexity.

Prof Arto Annila

Physicist. Interested in ecological and planetary thermodynamics

Prof Sara Imari Walker

Astrobiologist. Active in origins of life, especiallly using information theory.

Prof George .F.R. Ellis

Cosmologist and Philosopher, active in developing a theory of causation and the fundamental phsics of living.

Prof Nigel Goldenfeld

Physicist. Active in biophysics, complexity and the origins of life.

Dr Axel Rossberg

Mathematical ecologist, especially active in complex network dynamics.

Associates are not presently actively involved in writing the website.
* Active in writing the website.

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Last Updated 30-11-16