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Information - Function - Biology
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Overview An introduction to the aims and background of the project  
Life Universe and Everything Some philosophical background on the 'meaning of life' 
IFB Conceptual Themes The list of conceptual topics - from where most of the website stems via accessing Themes/ (below)
Who we Are
IFB Network News
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Keith Farnsworth webpages
Themes/ (conceptually based research topics within the project - each theme has a sub-directory)
Information Theory  Applying concepts such as entropy and mutual information to life
Information in Molecular Biology DNA / RNA, proteins and signalling  
Philosophical Foundations What is information and how do we define function, etc.  ?
Thermodynamics Energy, entropy and the thermodynamic limits to life  
Biocomplexity Emergence and top-down causation in biological systems  
The Origins of Life Understanding information processing is crucial to understanding the origin of life
Biodiversity Theme How did biodiversity arise and what does it mean for living function ? 
Synthesis What in total do we learn from studying life as a kind of information processing ? 
Complexity of Life
Transcendent Complexes
Downward Causation How the whole controls its parts
Biodiversity Further elaboration on biodiversity 
Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function
Biodiversity Metrics Quantifying biodiversity 
Diversity as Information Density
Our sDiv Meeting in Leipzig
Calculating with Information and Uncertainty
Molecular Self-Assembly
How Much Information is embodied by DNA?
Autopoiesis Life making and maintaining itself
The Sequence_Paradox One of the reasons life is so unlikely
What is Function
The Autonomy of Life Life, uniquely, does it for itself
Explaining Meaning
An Engine in Every Cell New for May 2019