Monday, March 29 2021

Welcome to the IFB Blog!

The intention is to provide a more inclusive area of IFB for those interested in the topic of understanding living systems through information theory and related matters such as systems biology, code biology, (M,R)-Systems and autopoietic systems and their implications for understanding autonomy and origins etc.. The span is from fundamental physics, through molecular biology, cellular and whole organism systems and up to ecological systems and the broader concept of what constitutes life itself. I hope invited guest bloggers will contribute articles and most of all, I hope readers like you will contribute in comments (if you do and make good points, there is a good chance you will be invited to write a blog post). Indeed, the primary purpose of this blog is to broaden the range of expertise and viewpoints presented by IFB.

Right now, I am just getting this started: setting up the blog system files etc. and making sure it works and does not conflict with the main website. The first science post will follow shortly (progress depending on how well the set up goes and how overworked I am in the next few weeks).

Best wishes,